Jonathan Gordon


A life long devotion to a crooked belief
a crooked belief
that has done nothing but cause you pain & greif
Now here you sit, in a tiny room on appeal exhausting all remedies, writing affidavits, filing motions & submitting briefs
Begging the courts to hear you out & grant you some kind of relief

As the reality finally sets in that you done really messed up now & got yourself in a serious predicament culmaniting in a felony conviction
Now here you sit in a tiny room, asking for freedom, yet still being a slave/prisoner to:
temptation, anger, gangs, hate, violence & drug addiction

People who get caught up in the vicous cycle of recidivism
are demonized & looked at with:
contempt, hate, scrutiny & criticism

Society as a whole fails to put the underlying causes under examination
Instead humans are viewed as pests who infest the neighborhoods with pollution & contamination

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Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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