Wendell Adams Jr.

The Thoughts of Bliss

As i sit here and meditate in my cell contemplating on the word bliss, complete happiness has entered my body.

The joy i experience through my daily meditations, i want to allow the world to feel what i feel, that desire to be where you want to be despite your current location.

What we experience can change our lives, so why be selfish and not share? The more we enlighten others the more we recieve back from the universe for doing the great works of giving.

We are taught to control our thouhgts, but i come to learn that, allowing our thoughts to control themselves from time to time takes us to a place where only our minds can go on there own.

Imagine yourself successful and live in that moment of truth. Now ask yourself doesnt it feel good to know you can achieve your every thought you put your mind to?

Since you thought it you can accomplish it, but it is going to take more than just your thought. It is going to take effort and time to start living your thoughts out and manifesting them to become your reality right?

What work are you willing to dedicate yourself to, to make your thoughts become your sure reality? Its up to you, and i know it in you because we all have that gift within to be great its just how bad do we want it!!

Our thoughts can surely help shape our minds, but it is us that has to create our reality. You have a world of endless possibilities, why let them keep slipping out of your hand.

Grab them and hold on because you never know how far you can go if you always let them pass you by right?

In closing i would like to say one thing to the world. When faced with adversity tap into your thoughts of bliss, and create the reality you want.

Respond positively and you will always come out on top. It seems hard but we know that practice makes perfect,

So why keep failing when you can pass the test the first time and keep moving on with life.

Peace to the world and those were my thoughts of bliss. Hope you enjoyed, can relate and also create your thoughts of bliss to guide you…

Have a blessed day, and always remember you are the sole controller of your universe and destiny, never forget you have more power than you may believe within yourself use it!!!
Peace World!!!

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

aka: knowledge

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