Jonathan Gordon


Broke, starving, cold, scared, fed up & lost with no where to go…

His heart is hardened & worn down from all the stresses & all the pain
He be actin buck wild & self-medicating because it lessens the pain
He’s up all night walkin the streets, & sleepin on metro buses & trains

With tears in his eyes, wishing he had a stable life, & a place to call his own home
He wishes he could be warm when it’s cold, have a nice room, a mattress & a pillow here he can lay down his dome

His day to day existence consists of:
Havin to go out & jack food from stores in order to get a decent meal
When his clothes get to lookin all raggedy & beat up, he gotta roll out to the mall so he can steal
He ain’t ever worried about or afraid of the security gaurds, the cops or gettin apprehended, because after years of doin this, he has acquired a determined will & nerves of steel

He ain’t got no choice but to hustle, besides that if he do get caught
The police gonna throw him up in jail where he at least entitled to a fresh cot & 3 hots
It might be actually better than the alternative, sleepin on park benches or in the shelter where his nose hairs is singed by the smell of: halitosis, arm pits, feet, butt, mildew & rot

In the shelter he can’t sleep in peace because of the loud snoring & moanin of sick dope addicts comin of days of no sleep binges
He can’t believe the result of his life culminated in this, this place is off the hinges

Just like that, it’s time for a new day
as soon as the sun shines her first ray
they back out in the streets, up to their sinister ways

Every second awake is spent hustlin, scrapin, spare changin & scroungin
cause the reality is: there ain’t no handouts, if you want it you gotta take it, there ain’t no time for kickin back, gettin comfortable & loungin

Every second awake is spent gettin all dosed up
every second awake is spent on the blade, on the block all posted up
waiting for the next Mark to get close up

So the venomous snake can strike
he’ll get that Mark for anything he can, from a candy bar to a bike
he’ll even get that Mark for things he personally don’t even have a use for or like

Because, every thing got a price, he can pawn it off to somebody–somewhere
for anything from a burger, to a pair of pants, to some nugs of fire to a pack of squares
out there, cats is hungry, yet the reality is don’t nobody care
the pain, the drama, the problems, the struggle he can’t think of no torture that can compare

But he knows full well, there ain’t no compassion, no pity. because bad situations & trouble comes by the bulk
there ain’t no time to keep crying, because it’s all about the survival, no time to sulk
all he can do is try to hold it together & try to be strong like the Incredible Hulk

He holds on to the hope that one day, he won’t have to worry about his cap gettin pealed
one day, he won’t have to worry about gettin
Rabbit earred or havin his possessions pealed
one day maybe he won’t have friends that either kill or get killed

And he hopes one day, he will have a job, earn some decent cash
get a house, a car & get off drug

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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