Lennie Cain

Paris, France, Rome, Italy

The fragraance from a field of flowers can
change the Twilights Sky Golden, the Moon
a Crystal White, and the face of a child into
an Ice-cream smile.

Within that sweetness you find a tower
slanted, statues that have weathered the
passage of time, and canals that carry love.

Accented in the voices of many thousands,
you will find him or her, then fall in love
in a place where anything can occur.

All who come to visit have cherished each
and very day, while some have never moved
on, they are here to stay.

I wrote this when I had a release date beyond my life expectancy. Besides Television, my mind was the only way I could travel, so I let it take me to places my heart desired.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796

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