Lennie Cain


Listen for the sound of a pebble fallng from
a mountain top.

Listen for the sound of a Snowflake as it
softly drops.

Listen to clouds as they slowly pass, or
even the growing of a blade of Grass.

Listen to the Sun as it begins to rise, or
as it is passing before your very eyes.

Listen for a sound as the fish pass you by,
or understand the reason why.

We seek to learn the mysteries of man,
but vast are they upon this land.

Our children are the future of the great
land, yet we kill, and destroy all that we

H2O, our trees, an Ozone layer, we leave
for them not one prayer.

The nuclear age is what we say, but blink
an eye, and blow us away.

When death to us all comes and it will,
there will be not contact or tiny cure pill.

The have said “Live and Learn” throughout
ages past, but all it will take is one Nuclear

Wasteland’s, starvation, destitute people
shall inherit this Earth, from the day of our
death, to the day of their birth.

In this poem the message is sent, let us
stop all the madness, or death is our end.

There was a time when I was seeking publication. And I submitted this particular poem among other’s, because of its truth. It made it to the final three, and even may have been picked, I just don’t know. But for those of you who haven’t read this I hope you like it, and for those who have, I hope it made you think.

Lennie Cain
DOC #634796

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