Dickie Oppen Jr.



Never would I have thought I would be living with
dog in prison. Here I am after 18 years being tought how
to care for something other then myself.

Its like a new sense of responsibility. I have to say
I have never been this responsible. I have to be honest.
I was not sure I was cut out for his but I had to give it a try.

As a disabled person I had my reservations, I quickly
learned its not so bad and I can do it. See I am in a
wheelchair and I get the sadisfaction knowing the dogs
that I have the privledge of training will have the
opportunity to be placed with a disabled person.

Yahoo is a black colored collie lab mix. He is nine years old
and has So much love to give. He would be good for
someone with children but no other dogs. He is sort of
jelious of other dogs.

Some of the emotions tbat are felt are not understandable
at this time. I am sure they will be understood in time.

If you have a dog story or you would like to comment
Please write me.

Thanks for reading my blogg until text time.

Be kind to one another….

Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545

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