Daniel Turner


It’s the day of the Iowa caucuses, and Donald Trump seems poised to begin a run that will make him the Republican nominee, and possibly the president. Is this really happening? Trump is the distillation of the worst aspects of American politics. He shamelessly offers nothing but empty slogans and plays to nativist fears, and when he does offer the rare specific plan, it’s an absurdity (such as trade war with China, or Mexico building a wall, or banning all Muslim immigrants). He is a bully whose insulting “witticisms” belong on a playground.

And THIS is the person Republican primary voters are ecstatic about? Cliches aside, it will be a sad moment in American history if Trump is elected.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. I cannot in good conscience vote for anybody who’s last name rhymes with jump, chump, dump, rump, hump, pump, lump, bump, or Gump.
    We are talking about a game show host here. Seriously America? That is the best that you have? I am really not sure why the RNC is so enamoured of this moron.


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