Dickie Oppen Jr.


As I look out my bars in to a sun lit sky,
I can emagin the tears falling
From my childs eyes.

I close my eyes to stopthe pain
And out of knowwere
It starts to rain.

I sit in my cell and contemplate
What I can do to change my way.
Now I work for the state for
Just a dollar a day.

I ask myself if my child ate today.
As I sit in my cell and contemplate
The programming prison has to offer,

“I ask myself,
Do I want to be a scholor
Or just earn the dollar?”

So quit the job that paid the dollar
and started school to be a scholor
And studied hard to be a father.

As I look out my bars and pray,
My child with someday say,

“My Dad’s not a convict today,
He has been redeemed in his own way,
And hes my father today!”

I wrote this poem back in 2001 for an assignment in the
fathers and family beyond bars class with the edmonds community college.

The insperation came from a teacher named leslie V.
She took the time to really show how to do what ever you wanted.

I will always be in debt to the teachers who spent
the countless hours teaching me the basic values of love and

This type of teaching built the foundation to wanting to learn
new things without the use of drugs to hide the shame.

Anyway I was cleaning,out a box and came across this poem
and it sparked a good memory and thought I would share some
fond history.

If you have some good fond history you would like to share please write me (my info is on the CONTACT page).

Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545

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    • Hello sammy.
      Thanks for your kind words about my poem. I find myself going
      Through my things at least every three months, of course
      I don’t have as much as some, but I value and am thankful
      for what I do have. I bet you feel the same. I would like to invite you to write me at my e-mail address. It is sort of complicated because I don’t
      know much about the internet, but if you choose to accept my
      Invite please look me up at : http://www.Jpay.com My full name is Dickie Oppen 947545 @ Stafford Creek Correction Center. I would also like to thank you for reading my script about my dream to start a S*HIP Project. The mission statement is how I live my life and I believe you can’t have to many mentors. Thanks again, In Christ
      Dick Oppen


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