Derik Maples





im a young man with an old soul,
locked up but i feel free, just speaking on the things that i see………..

images are made, the tough are affraid ,
facade’s are very real, in this concrete grave,
some have life , but live like they are free,
some get out next week but still dont know who to be……

promises on the phone to the people we love, are quickly dismissed on a yard full of thugs, educated minds, currupted by crimes, well living life searching for the signs…..

we swear to do right , but lose sight in the struggle , cant stand to be broke so we go back to hustle !

preach but dont practice, and settle with results below average…. its contradicting !

this is something i wrote real fast but i have alot more layers to me, if you are intrested in getting to know me , my name is derik maples , i am 29 years old , you can email me directly at Or you can write me (my info is on the CONTACT page).

Derik Maples
DOC #885051

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