Jarvais Warren

Just for fun

If I really desire to find what is fun in each situation I will find it.

I mean its so easy to find what stresses me out about doing something,and what I dislike in each situation. So why can’t I do the opposite? There is no dark without light right?

Ofcourse this takes some time and thought change since my mind is stuck on “Idontwana”. Which just makes me negative before I even start. It makes me negative as soon as the thought pops up.

So I made an agreement to find the fun in each situation.

I got a new job cleaning the unit bathrooms at night. No one wants to do it because of obvious reasons. But attacking the issue with a search for fun changes the whole experience. I race myself, plus I use it for training in staying in the moment. I try to go the whole time without thinking about past mishaps or “what-if’s” of the future. There is true bliss in the present moment if your looking.

Now I actually look forward to my job, the mind remembers good times. The mind also treats things you do “for the fun of it” different than when you do things because you have to or because you need the money. If I dont get enough sleep and have to do something I dont wana do in the morning Im extra tired and grumpy. Complete Opposite if Im doing something fun the next day, even If I only slept for a couple of hours.

The mind remembers happy times and will release those emotions before I even do the task. I get a sense of peace and joy now whenever I go in the bathroom LMAO!!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338


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