Steve Anderson


First part of the (ANEW) I developed within me was patience for two
reasons, 1, sometimes you will find yourself powerless, none of your
words or actions will bring success your way. 2, and in truth if it ant
been approved by God, all will be a lesson of a test with time, (AWASTE)

I try my hardest to stay with truth, and got a very low intake for
bullshit, and do not at all like to be lied to then again thats one of
the best reasons to be dissmissed from my world, I just don’t need all
that extra waste in my LIFE.

I been telilng the people to leave their thougts, opinions, knowledge
and so on, for along time.

As I said patience, wow thats one of my best friends today,
So people staying puttin it down your comment thats is even if its one I do truly appreciate you and your time and your words, (FORREAL)

Take care,

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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