Zachary James Santos

Zachary James Santos

Zachary James Santos

So, there is so many things to talk about on a platform such as this. But, this being a major outlet for all of us that are incarcerated, i want to just say that there is definitely a legacy of trauma that is being perpetuated within not only the heart and minds of the men and women locked up, but, also the communities in which majority of us come from. And to be clear, i’m not talking about the upper echelon of society. We are the working class, lower middle-class, and the one’s in poverty. The crimes we commit are usually in our own community, and the people we hurt are those closest to us, or people we had no idea were actually linked to us by a friend or another. Why does this cycle seem to exist only in our towns? And why is it everyone is getting out of prison just to come back so soon? I’m trying to understand how to stop this, and how to heal from all this. What do you think?

I’m workin with Stone City Blog to awaken the hearts and minds of all those suffering, and that are in the struggle.

Zachary James Santos
DOC #300774

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