Johnnie Walters Jr.

Hello WORLD!!!

Nothing major on my end, just working hard and staying active in the most positive sense, given the circumstances.

We are trying to put together an auction for the giant/pink Space-Needle i constructed in here from scrap paper and colored pencils (* see fb/stackwell206) go towards The American Cancer Society, and I’m hoping for your guys’ support out there, even if its by way of sharing the story with people in your association.

Because I let my friends know, its not so much in my thinking there is a dollar amount on a cure for cancer, as much as I believe that with someone in a position like mine working so hard to show an interest in cancer researcha and health care, maybe others might take a stance on awareness in their own lives and community to help prevent ignorance in certain matters that can be better cared for if spotted earlier.

I really appreciate Stone City Blog for paying attention to what we are doing.

You can also contact me directly at

Thank You.

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

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