Jonathan Gordon


by Verrick Yarborough & Revolutionary X

In conclusion, amidst all the chaos & confusion, justice is just a figment of America’s imagination & an illusion, masterfully crafted at the hands of master of deception, deceit, trickery cover ups & disguise. The government hires criminals, to administer over the laws broken by other criminals…Now tell me how does that work? I will tell you that honestly my friend, IT DON’T WORK, that is why things is the way they is.

The crooked government agents who are paid by the court system, falsely portray themselves as dedicated public servants, who uphold the law, advocate for victims & protect society from dangerous criminals…WHAT A FARSE!!!!

They are really liars, who make a living off the pain & suffering of other people. They pain & suffering of the person who is a victim of a crime, & the pain & suffering of the person who has to pay for committing the crime.

The government thrives off other people’s misfortunes, that is how the INjustice system makes money, there who existence is predicated upon people committing crimes against each other, they need that in order to make a living, have a job & pay their bills.
Without crime, what would they government agents be doing? How would they be making a living? The government agents PRETEND, that they give a crap about the victims, they don’t.
What they care about is making $$$ and convicting people at all costs, by any means necessary, regardless of the collateral damage, regardless of who they have to walk over, and regardless of what laws they break and what rights they violate….To them, that is just a by-product of doing a deed that serves a greater purpose, which is so that justice can be served. HAHAHA

The state don’t care about YOU or ME, or anyone else, they make you think they are “advocates” for victims, all they want, is to coerce victims into making statements, testifying, lying, and making sure that the “bad guy” gets what he “deserves”. If the government cared about the victims, then why do they egg them on into breaking laws, pressure them, and but them in compromising situations, where the people are forced to question their own sense of morality?

All the state wants is for people to co-operate, if they really cared about anyone, then why don’t they establish programs to help the victims of crimes heal, move on with their lives, why don’t they provide funding and tools they can use to protect themselves, and help prevent them from becoming victims again?

In reality, the only people they care about, is themselves, they are part of a fraternal secret society comprised of racists, elitists, and separatists. How does an adversarial system work, when the “adversaries” who are the judge, prosecutor, and lawyer are all paid by the same person? They are cronies, who play golf together & are drinking buddies….

Maybe we are wrong, but we thought that the whole concept of justice, hinged upon what is right, by doing right in order to combat what is wrong. Not doing wrong in order to combat another wrong. Maybe we are wrong but, we thought that justice was built upon a foundation of truth, carried out in honesty, living in a cocoon of integrity, morality, equality & benefits society…tell us where in this country, any of that exists.

Of course, it is obvious when people commit crimes, they deserve to be punished, and something obviously has to be done right?

But the right thing has to be done…Alienating people, exiling them from family, friends, & society & packing them in cramped, smelly cells like sardines, subjecting them to violence & abuse, by gun weilding, peppers spray weilding, baton weilding, handcuff bearing tryants, is not justice.

If justice is violating people’s rights, then what is INjustice? It must not exist…
If you read statistice produced by agencies like the Department of INjustice, Census Bureau, and other “statistic” and data collection agencies, you will see that since the 1970’s violent crimes like murder have actually beend declining, so have some other “major” crimes, so if that is the case, then why is the rate of incarceration, and the billions being spent on prisons increasing substantially every decade.

There is no proof that locking more and more people up, either deters crime or decreases it, no matter how many people are committing crimes, incarceration rates rise, no many how much crime is dropping of, the incarceration rates are rising…there is no correlation between increasing sentences, making harsher laws against crime and the prison occupation rates…if you don’t believe me, just get on the internet and compare the crime rates to the incarceration rates for yourself, or pick up an Alamanac. Like we said before, people commit crimes against each other, people kill each other, shoot each other, stab each other, rape each other, steal from each other, countless times everyday…but the so called “solutions” that our government have came up with, do nothing to stop the problem, in truth if anything they exacerbate the problems. Our nation should be focused on preventive measures, how do we stop the crime be for it happens…intervention, addressing the unresolved issues that people have in order to empower them to make the right decisions, and not be in circumstances where they feel they have to commit crimes for whatever reasons, and justifications they have…We need programs that help people, all the police and prosecutors job is to intervene after the crime has been committed, and what does that do? Absolutely nothing, the crime was still committed, they didn’t prevent that, a person was still shot, a person was still raped, a house was still burglarized, a drug was still sold, they did nothing to prevent that at all…

So what legitimate purpose do they really serve we ask again?

In reality there is no love or compassion in the justice system or the courts, that is why it is called the “adversarial” process, meaning one side pitted against the other. The defense lawyers, in most cases are not really advocates for the defendants, especially the public defenders, like we had mentioned before, they are paid by the same people as the judge and the prosecutor, & they are all drinkin buddies.

Lawyers don’t care if the defendant looses or wins the case, why? because either way, he/she gets paid, it ain’t no skin off their backs, they got nothing to loose, and a world of money to gain. Whether a lawyers reputation is tarnished or not because of loosing to many cases, that is a fact that is up for open dispute. The players in the court system, are racists, with “entitlement” & “privilege” issues, they think that they can do whatever they want without question, without having to answer for it, without having to answer to anybody. They think that they are God like, with God like abilities and powers. The feeling they get of thinking they control another person’s fate, with or without their permission, most be intoxicating.

In truth, the Judge/magistrate/commissioner, are little more than clowns in black robes. Suppposedly they are administrators of the court room, but they do little, if anything at all to reign in on what happens in the court rooms.

In reality, the prosecutor and his/her agents are the ones who dictate what transpires in the court rooms and how. To someone who has never either witnessed a scene in the court room as a spectator, or one who has actually been a defendant in the court room, this might seem like an anomaly, but believe us, from experience this is true. It might sound like we are badgering and assasinating the character of the players in the court room, and YES we are, but only with the truth, they assassinate their own character with the fradulent practices they choose to indulge in.

The judge/magistrate/commissioner, is supposed to be a referee, or a moderator in the court room, yet they sit back idly, letting the prosecutor break laws, dang near everytime, if at all, that the defense objects to the prosecutors conduct, it is over ruled, yet when the prosecutor objects to something the defense does, most times it is sustained. Even when it comes to the most harmful and blantantyl obvious of transgressions, it is overlooked when the state does it….Obviously one side, the side of the state is not obliged to follow the rules, but the defense side can’t even stray from the script in the slightest??? Contemplate that!!!

We personally know from our own experience in the court room, sitting in that chair on the right side of the room, on the right side of the attorney, scared to death, what it is like to watch the events unfold, as you sit side by side with the “pretender” not knowing what your fate will be, and not being able to do anything about what goes on.

They speak in Latin, a language that died almost 2,000 years ago, it is a code, which disguises what really goes on, as they speak in this code, you have no idea whatis going on, what is being said, and what to do about it…

Personally, for us, it was the most scary event we ever had to face in life….

Most people blindly put faith & trust into the INjustice system of this country. They fail to realize that it is not perfect & that it doens’t work to serve any legitimate pupopose. It is not about preventing crime & keeping citizens safe. Most people we assume probably don’t care what happens behind the closed doors in the system.

Most people are brainwashed by money seeking politicians with less than candid agendas, the lobbyists & associations that are behind them, and the independent “elitists” who use them to push their agendas & propaganda machines.

The public mistakenly believes what it is told by the “gatekeepers” of justice. The seemingly ideal notion that America is at the forefront of what “civilized justice”, “law & order” & “criminal law” is all about. The notion propagated that the police, the prosecutors & the judge are the “good guys” who work in transparency, truth, and for the betterment of humanity. And that the “bad guy” is cantankerous to society, a burden, evil & that h needs to be locked away for as long as possible with harsh punitive laws, that serve as a deterent to crime, a warning to those who might contemplate committing crimes in the future & a model for the rest of the world to follow….we hate to say this, but that is a lie, and if you believe that, you have been fooled with the okey doke…

The notion that police & prosecutors are “heroes” & saviors who “saved” the day & made your community safer by apprehending, capturing, & convicting the vile “scumbags”, “dirt bags” & “monsters”, who forfeited their rights to enjoy the same quality of life that everyone else deserves, when they choose to be the stupod low life offenders they are…

is crap, it is justified, and it is—ok beacause someone in a position of authority made it ok, because they are in “the know” and more qualified to think on our behalf and make our decisions for us, about what is right and wrong, how we should perceive our roles, their roles, and “offenders” than we are….
That being said….

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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