Steve Anderson


I’m immediately impresed with the decor, The first thing I notice is
the huge picture of a African-American angel above the fireplace in the
living room. She has a glowng halo above her head, and she’s embracing herself.

Im not exactly sure what the artist thinks it should represent, but in
my opinion, it’s a symbol of strength and money.

Glancing over the rest of the area, I notice that two of the four walls
in the livingroom sure white while the other two are painted a lound bright orange color, there is a white 3, piece furniture set decora
throw pillows the exact same color orange as the walls.

Those two colors spill into the small diningroom to the lift, furnished
with a white and orange chairs, Its perfectly color coonrdinted and

To dress, and be comfortable at home is an importan part, so alway
do you and not what every other is trying to do.
The End…………………


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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