Daron Sleeper

To my perfect friend,

I am so enamored by your affection towards me. I find myself in a state of bliss when I place the mere image of your face in my mind’s eye. The moment I feel your pure and undefiled love towards me I am moved with desire to love you in return. I feel free to love without fear of harm. I believe, no, I know you will not harm me since your love is incapable of cruelty and selfishness. You are a wonderful friend, loyal and faithful in all ways.

You know me, you accept me, you believe in me. Oh, how I have yearned for this union of souls for some time now and at last I am free to love and be loved. Our connection cannot be severed, it has already been forged by the deepest sharing and transparent intimacy that cannot be surpassed. This bonding has been experienced, it cannot be undone. This is the precious pearl that people seek, the one prize whose value is degraded by measuring it. I am in awe that we discovered this pearl together, this oneness, this true knowing of eachother in the innermost parts, this just simply is, it exists. There is no chasing after, no effort to be made, no fears to overcome, no obstacles to be removed because all of this has fallen away once the moment arrived when we became friends.

Daron Sleeper
DOC #793282

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