Jonathan Gordon


Verrick Yarborough

Originally from Chicago, Illinois/ falsely convicted of a heinous crime at 17 y/o, while yet still a boy/ they talkin about he this, he that, he did this, he did that, but honetly man, y’all can kill the noise/ 9 and a half years later, here I still am cause the justice system failed, yet my life is filled with joy/ eventhough the corrupt justice syste,m let this conviction stand, I knew for sure that I will be vindicated/
because I ain’t even the suspect any eye witness pointed the finger at, or merely indicated/ I am truly sorry & regretful for the events that transpired at led to that young man’s death/ but at the same time, the police knew who had possession of the gun that night & who took it in that house theft/ that fateful night at Club Friday, change the course of many people’s lives, as a young man took his last breath/ chaos ensued, people was scatterin and cars was crashin as bullets flied from across both sides of the streets, yet no one ever saw that .38 in my hand/ later on at my dog & pony show, farce of a trial, witnesses admitted to lying, and being coerced by the cops on the stand/ yet 9 and a half years later, it didn’t help me be vindicated, because her I still stand/ while the REAL perpetrator, whom police know, still roams free/ from the get det. miller, from Tacoma P.D./ knew it was that guy, but I was cooked because I refused to accept a plea/ they said I was the one, but the contradictions, the recanted statements and the lack of evidence would tend to disagree/
the only reason why my name even came up to det. miller, is because of an minor unrelated domestic altercation/ in the midst of a shoddy investigation, he find a victim he could coerce & forge a witness statement rife with inconsistencies, & alterations/ they including extra details, & left out key, crucial details/ then at the trial, the prosecutor sold the package to the jury, like it came from a big box retail/ they treated a 17 y/o kid like his life was meant nada & was worthless/ but now here I am a grown man, I found myself a TRUE purpose/ I am been drowning underwater for so long, but now, I am more mature, more experienced, & I am about to resurface/ with new ammo, I now got me a REAL PAID lawyers, an investigator, affidavits from witnesses on my behalf, a new brief & a new memorandum/ now together with the support of my family, the courts ain’t ready for this but whippin we bout to hand em/ I now now with a certainty, that now of these events in the sequence was ever by chance or random/ for whatever reason, God willed this to happen, & now I realize it was just a test/ when I think about where I am at now as far as family & faith, I realize I am blessed/ I finally see the clear skies and I am about to rise up out this mess/ and to the world’s suprise/ like a pheonix comin up out the ashes, Verrick for sure about to rise/ just when y’all thought all this time would end to my demise/ now take a look at the world through my eyes/

Now take a look at the world through my eyes/
now remove your prejudice lense, how would you feel if you was a mother whose young son
was condemmed/ would you fight for his freedom, tooth, nail & limb/ how would you feel as a young kid who only sees his daddy every now & again for nuttin but a few hours a week/
with no daddy to read you bedtimes stories, say I love you and give you a good nite kiss on the lips or cheek?/ knowin you could be middle aged before his release/ how would you feel as a young mother with nobody’s help to raise the kid, no one to help pay car notes and house’s lease/ no man to be there with the family to enjoy a nice birthday party or holiday feast/
all because det. miller/ The Tacoma News Tibune portrayed me as a blood thirsty 17 y/o killer/ tell me how do you explain the situation with misplaced shell casings/ then tell me how do you explain my spacin/ in relation/ to the actually gunman, & how I was facin/
then tell me how do you justify, not just 1 innocent teen, but several–declined on & convicted of adults/ charged with murder 1 & 2 assaults/ when we was not the party at fault/
whatever happened that day on Pacific Avenue was tragic, but from front to back, beginning to end, the case was riddled with contradictions/
not only did innocent victims get hurt, and the course of their lives altered forever, but I too am a victim—of what? an false conviction!!!!
hope you enjoyed delving deep in to the mind of Verrick Yarborough…until next time

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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