Hello what’s crackin everbody? I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, soul and health.

I just recieved the link to the youtube video that I made, but unfortunately I don’t have a pen on me right now, but when I do I will let everyone know what it is, for those that are interested in checking it out. I recited my poem called: “People in Prison are Human Beings too.”

I was have been meaning to write a paper the last couple of weeks about the comparisons between this countries schools and prisons, but haven’t got around to it, so I am going to just write it freestyle so I can get it off my chest, then maybe someday later I can refine it and make it better, depends on how well the rough draft is lol…so here we go:

I have been reading a lot in my books about the so called: “School to Prison Pipeline” Basically for those that never heard that terminology, or have heard it, but are not sure of it’s meaning, it means that: in certain neighborhoods in our country, where the level of decency in education is low, the students are being deprived of education and being bred to fill up the prison beds that are being constructed at an astronomical and unprecedented rate. When kids go to school, they are subject to some of the conditions that exist in prison, so they are being desensitized to the harsh realities that exist behind the closed off, sectioned off society behind the walls. Kids are being condition to accept round the clock monitoring in the form of “SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS” depending on the school district, they can be on duty officers from the local police force, or they can be off duty officers who are independently hired by the district as a second job. In some cases, the officers aren’t even police, they are what we call “Rent-a-cops”.
So when kids go to school, they are under constant surveillance, under the watch of security guards and cameras…same as me and the other 2,000 people here at Stafford Creek and the 2.3 million other incarcerated people in the U.S…Also at school, kids have to go through metal detectors…when I was in maximum security at Walla Walla State Pen, it was the same routine, we had to go through metal detectors everywhere we went.
Also kids at school are subjected to random pat searches and searches of pockets and bags and whatever is on them…Here at Stafford, the searches aren’t as frequent as they was at Walla Walla, in Walla Walla everytime you leave the living unit, you are pat searched by a long line of 10 even 12 officers who pat search everyone before they can enter the next building. In prison though, we are subject to more extreme and humiliating searches: STRIP SEARCHES, with sometimes not only 1 man examining you while you are standing there naked, but MULTIPLE, especially when they are training new officers…How does another man or another woman demand that a person bend over and open their anus up, and all the other nasty things, then if you refuse to comply, they give you a write up (infraction) and they by law can forcibly make you submit to being violated into doing a strip search.
Hear at Stafford, and other prisons they have drug sniffing K-9 dogs…same thing with schools, they have the dogs walk down the hall with the handler and randomly sniff lockers and sometimes walk up to random people and sniff at they pockets and bags…..

When you step in to the dayroom in prison, it is like a cafeteria in a High School, even Junior High School: it’s loud, obnoxious, you got the cliques over here, over there, the cool people over here, the weirdos over there. You got the popular people, the jocks: which are the ones who lift weights and play basketball. You also got the gossip mongers. People in prison love to gossip, then go back and tell the target of the gossip what he said, what she said, just so they can stir up some mess and instigate a fight….It’s hard for some to imagine, I bet, how a place can be full of grown men, yet be so childish, so many men are men by age, but immature and childish, their children on the streets are more mature than they are….

Like prison, schools have beefs between different groups of people, in High School it’s the Seniors against the Freshmen. In prison, people hide behind gangs for protection. They are convince because they have a tattoo that says: Blood, Crip, Norteno, Sureno, Vice Lord, Gangsta Disciple, White Pride or Aryan Nations, that they are now automatically tougher than the next man, and that they have a free license to do what they want. These people feel free to disrespect anyone who is not apart of their gang or particular clique. They separate themselves from the rest, and only the few privileged, who have earned the right, can be apart of the unique circle.

In reality, prison is nothing but a big daycare full of grown men and women, who are unable for the most part to follow the rules laid down by society, so they have to be governed in a controlled enviorment, where they are disciplined for their bad behavior and actions and another adult is telling them constantly what they can and can’t do. The babysitters talk to grown adults like they are dogs, giving commands like : sit, be quiet, go to your room, go to the bathroom, listen, go eat….

and when it’s time for discipline, we are treated like kids: you now have to go to time out (cell confinement) you can’t come out and play with the rest of the kids, because you broke the rulees and must pay the harsh penalty, maybe next time you will listen,you peice of trash, scum, dirt bag…Since people in prison, weren’t able to function in society, we are gathered in a place where it is mandatory to do what you are told, to obey the rules, to follow direction, and if you still can’t do that, you can kiss your parole good bye, you can kiss your privileges good bye, you can kiss you little amount of time out the cell, freedoms, and recreation goood bye…you are isolated in a place where the socially ostracized and outcasts from society thrive and do the most productive things they have done in their lives.

please check out the video, and I hope you enjoy…–LjQ&

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Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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