Jonathan Gordon


A message for the masses/ the wheels of injustice turn-n-churn, movin slower than molasses/ mass victimiation at the expense of the poverty stricken and unrepresented classes/
divides, and they say racism in the system is the past, but the past is/ evert present, everytime someone is handcuffed and thrown in the back of the police cruiser/ arrested, condemned, because of the words of an uncredible accuser/ automatically you are seen as a looser/ a drug addict, a gang member, a criminal and alcoholic abuser/ the media jumps on people’s fears and the public immediately takes your story as an object of fascination and becomes enraptured/ another dangerous suspect, do to good police work has been apprehended and captured/ another live has been subjugated and fractured/ when the government gets they hands on the case, evidence is manufactured/ manufactured and infused/ with reluctant witness made to testify because of fear of govermental repercussion when they had originally refused/ infused, with lies, deceptions, altered witness statements, lying experts and prosecutor misconduct, all in an elaborate effort to seal the conviction of the accused/ does anyone out there even care that the authority of the powers that be is being misued?/ they got the general public with the wool over they eyes and confused/ thinking that the system of injustice runs under complete transparency, righteousness and fairness/ but here I come as an iconoclast in order to raise your awareness/ to the facts that: people in cramped, dirty, stanky cells are being abused/ the police, prosecutors and judges are malicious/ their tactics are harmful, unjust, and viscious/ and almost every thing they say is under the guise of truth, but in reality fictitious/ it’s all about generating billions of dollars $$$ and by any means necessary provin guilt/ that’s why every year dozens of prison and jails are being built/ and the scales of injustice are heavily weighed to tilt/ to the side of those walkin above us all on stilts/ these greedy government agencies/ wield unchecked, unbalanced power with the utmost all out contempt, arrogance and flamboyant flagrancy/ where a person’s rights and constitutional protections should have resided, there is a hole and vacany/ where it should have occupied/ now you left high and dry, on the choppin block to die/ at the mercy of a supposedly fair minded randomly selected 12 men and women who represent an accurate cross section of the community/ the false accusers, police, prosecutors, and judges are free to break the laws, and are protected, and under 100% complete immunity/ when you raise these issues in appeals, or lawsuits, its determined to be: frivolous and looked at with the slightest if at all any scrutiny/ and your chances of any kind of legit remedy are slim to nil/ they say you have the right to appeal/ but for every minute, every second, every day, every year an innocent person is locked up, the tax payers are the one forced to foot the bill/

Lawmakers and paid lobbyist are up at capital hill/ pressing more hard on crime, give me more time bills/ creating more laws that restrict the freedoms of people in prison and making it hard to win on appeal/ asking tax payers to give up more of they hard earned money, so they can militarize the police and buy every kind of new gadget and device/ convincing them they are payin to keep themselves safer, while the world is overcom risin crime rates and every kind of vice/ the government spends millions a year on consultants, and experts whose sole advice/
is keep lying to the taxpayers, make them pay/
keep feedin th behemoth prison industrial complex and don’t ever let them dirty rotten, scum bag criminals ever see the light of day/

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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