Jonathan Gordon


If I was Native American, my name would be:
“He who speaks none but truth.”
If I was an Arab, my name would be: As Sideeq
“The truthful.”

I refuse to be a conformist, and blindly accept, follow and conform to the established norms, traditions and cultures of a so called “Civilized Society.” This place they call America The Beautiful, was built ont the backs of SLAVES, forced labor, instituted by racist, bigamist, colonizers who used the bible and religion as a means to justify the cruelty they oppressed other human beings with.

This America the Beautiful, home of the free, land of the brave….Is run by draconian policies adopted from the doctrines of aristocratic, old British secret society men in with white wigs and black robes. I refuse to accept the dogmas of what is called a “Developed Society.”

I refuse to let anyone continue to hold my identity captive: then replace it with things that I know to be false, so I can be placated and complacent, while refusing to accept the reality of the corrupt world we live in.

That is not I, nor is that someone that I will ever be.

If you stop for a minute, during the busy hustle and bustle of your everyday life, observe your sorroundings, really drink it in, really digest it and seek to understand it. You will find that most people are robots, they are programmed by their master and do what they see the next man or woman doing, without any thought, any questioning whether it’s right or wrong, or any resistance.

I can use another similtude, and say that along with being “Robots”, most people are “Mirrors” looking at one person, is like looking at the next, they might be different in appearance, but their clothes, lingo, slang, mannerisms, the way they walk, ect….is the same.

It’s like a big puppet show, full of marionettes, controlled by an unseen, behind the scenes puppet master. You remember those shows from I wanna say the early 90’s called the “Puppet Master”? About the dude who controlled the puppets and used them to do his evil bidding for him? I wanna say it’s close, if not the same thing. Someone else is pulling the strings, speaking for someone else and making them do all the movements at his/her will. If we are told something is true, whether it be good or bad, we humbly accept it ti be so, whether it’s true or not, just because another person told us that it is so. We are to distracted by whatever: pleasure, pain, jobs, family, games, ect….to take the time to really investigate, study and know if what we have been taught really is the truth. Why are we distracted, because we choose to be, we choose to let ourselves be brainwashed…we are brainwashed into complacently letting ourselves be: brainwashed, if that makes any sense?

Like a pack of dogs, we are taught commands by the leader of the pack. When he/she says:
“roll over boy/girl” we roll over, only thing we want is that scooby snack, we know we get when we comply to his/her demands.

When our owner says: “sit boy/girl” we sit, and we are told, “good boy/good girl!” then once again we get that scooby snack…salivating, panting the whole time in excitement waiting for it….Everytime we venture into public, the Owner has to have us on a tight leash, lest we commit an act of fidelity to others, or run away.

When the dog owner takes the dogs to the park, they are forbidden to play with other dogs, lest they become too rowdy, fight and commit an act of infidelity. When the dog is let of the leash, the first thing he/she does, is run wild. He/she is told: “bad dog, don’t do it again.” So the next time they go to the doggie park, then the doggy is kept on an even tighter, more constrained leash.

Some dogs are treated good by their owners, they are allowed to sleep in the bed with them, given high quality food, given their own blankets and bed, taken to vet on a regular basis, while other dogs are treated a little more harshly. Rottweilers, dobermans, pitbulls, they are too dangerous to be house dogs, so they are kept out in kennels, fed gun powder and raw meat, everytime somebody walks by the house, or tries to get in the backyard they growl, bark and go ballistic. Other dogs are beaten, left out on the streets to fend for themselves, while the rest end up in shelters and the few who nobody wants, and are throw aways, end up getting put down or euthanized.

When you step outside of that craziness and nonsense, when you decide to be your own, not a puppet, not a dog, not a conformist, then yo are on the path that Revolutionary X is on.

I, myself refuse to walk down the beaten path that is well trodden. That in essence is what led to my downfall and demise. From a young age, I was told that I would fail…In the 1st grade, they told my mother that I was slow, that I had concentration problems, that I had Attention Deficit Disorder. The only reason that I wasn’t held back and allowed to advance to the 2nd grade, is because my mother worked at the school as a volunteer, helping the other kids learn how to read, so she somehow worked her magic and I was allowed to move on to the 2nd grade. From a young age I was told I was destined to fail, that I would never amount to anything in life: and for a majority of my life, I bought into it. In Junior High, I started getting high and drinking, I skipped so much school, got suspened so much and was causing so much disruption in class, I was only allowed to advance to High School, because the principal didn’t want to deal with us anymore, he let us be the problem of the High School. Then coincidentally, in an ironic turn of events, Mr. Torelli, the old principal, became the assistant principal at the High School, so he had it out for some of us. In my senior year, I was told I didn’t have enough credits to graduate, because I spent so much time in Juvenile Detention and skipping, that I might as well take a vocational class at Tri-Tech, so I did…it was a cooking class. By this time, I was under the influence of gangs, and wanna be gangs, I was the puppet. I was taught what it meant to be “cool” what it meant to “fit in” what it meant to be “accepted by my peers”. I feel into a cycle of deviancy, deliquency & blindness. Which lasted 20 years.

They told me, who I was, what my future was gonna be like, and that I had no choice but to follow this path…So like a fool, I believed them and I decided, well if this is my destiny, I might as well prove everyone right and just go all out.

Now, in fast forward to 2015, things have changed…I came to realize, I have only a GED, and a little bit of Columbia Basin Community College degrees, no formal training in any field, but a person can still be educated without that stuff…The best education comes from: not a school or university, but what you feel is right for you: self education, picking up books on your own behalf, learning what interests you. Having an official peice of paper that says you graduated, does not necessarily gaurantee you to be successful or even get a good job.

Now granted, in some fields, a person has to have certification, degrees, credentials, otherwise you won’t get a job…To me, myself, I realize that not all education should be based off of getting a job, financial gain, and material status. There is things I have learned from books, for others as mentors that you can’t be taught in no college or university…How to be a man, how to be a decent person, how to love and respect myself, how to have high self esteem, how to treat people of the opposite sex, about God….about just being a successful human being in general…to me, that is more successful than any amount of money can buy.

Yet we blindly believe what people tell us, we believe that we have to spend 10’s of thousands of $$$ to be properly educated, be in debted for 10’s of thousands in loans, so we can enrich the higher educational system.

From a young age, I was taught what it meant to be “black” and what it meant to be “white”
Come to find out, what it meant to be “black” was an ideology founding off racism, ignorance, hatred, Willie Lynch Syndromes & KKKism.

Being black, was an identity designed to keep people oppressed, subjugated and ignorant here is what society views being black as:
Ignorance, loud, obnoxious gold teeth, afros, braids, long fingernails, womanizing, not taking care of kids, multiple baby mama, drinkin Hennessey, smokin Swishas, sellin crack, drivin cadillacs, saggy pants, oversized tee shirts, abusing and using white women… not goin to school or wantin to work angry, violent, making excuses for being in the hood….ect, I could go on, but I think we get the point.

Being white, in the hood means that you a “square” nobody wanna be a square right?

What society is taugh as being “square” and being “white” is: speaking proper english, being quiet, reserved, respectful to neighbors, wearing correctly fitting jeans, button up shirts, clean shaven, maybe havin an occaisonal glass of wine with dinner, coddling the baby, goin to work at white collar job from 9-5, nice house in a decent neighborhood, havin a nice trophy wife, drivin a nice chrysler or denali, havin college education..ect, once again I could go on, but I see we probably get the point….

Let me put this in perspective: we are taught that being “black” is everything contrary to how nice respectable Americans should be, it is not the American Dream, its being “ghetto”, being black is what everything that is wrong with this country is, being white is “All American” living the dream, how we should all be. So Revolutionary X asks this question: Why does there have to be a difference between being black and being white?

Why do we allow these racists ideologies control how we view ourselves, each other, and keep us separated?

One possible answer I want to throw out there is because: WE ALLOW IT, as I have mentioned before, we are BRAINWASHED…we are bombarded on a daily basis with subliminal messages, conditioning and training to accept things how they are..we think: this is just how it is, how it will always will be, no one can change it, so why even try? Who cares? It’s not my problem, and it’s not my job to fix it!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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