Kevin Gilbert


Yep, Seattle Is The Most Liberal City In The Nation When It Comes To Sporting Our Birthday Suit. The Parks Department Refused To Ban {*Non-Offensive*} > {*Public Nudity*} > {*Like Naked Bike Rides*} Even Though There Were Complaints From The Public.

This Decision Will Likely Allow For Continuation Of Naturalists Events In The Future. The Pack’s Board Deemed That Limiting Nudists Would Only Serve To Single Them Out.

As Long As {*Nudists Abide By The Rules*} > {*No Lewdness Or Obscenity*} Then They Are Free To Express Themselves Without Fear Of Coming Under The Wrath Of Law Officials.

“The Bare Facts Of The Law Are That If You Knowingly Show Yourself Naked With The Intent To Alarm And Offend People That’s Illegal,” Said Sergeant Sean Whitcom, Of The Seattle PD. {*Just Being *Nude Is Not Against The Law.*} Source: http://www.King


Kevin Gilbert
DOC #890221

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