Johnnie Walters Jr.


as the 1st music artist in seattle’s history to release professional projects from prison, i understand the sense a lot of people have out there towards my music or even my genre.
because despite being a very street orientated and giving a depiction of life many would rather choose to overlook…
what i have done from here in the way of overcoming adversity (and “impossible” odds) to produce works which are also being used to advocate for cancer awareness, and missing/exploited kids, should speak MOUNDS about the potential each one of us truly has to create our own directions in life, not only for our own benifit, but to also benifit others (HOPEFULLY… making the world “a better place”).

you can check out my video/s on and also find more info about me on to be more familiar with the depth of the work involved in not only desiring “Freedom” from confinement, but also desiring FREEDOM from anything going against a man’s true nature for progress in life.

This year’s presidential election seems more like a matter of who we DON’T want VS. who we actually put in office. This world is becoming so crazy, I’m just hoping to go home before it gets any crazier. 4real.

thank you very much for your time.

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

aka stackwell

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