Johnnie Walters Jr.



If u have time, check out:

Its the link to what we are doing together with my music, raising awareness for the American Cancer Society and better health care.

If you are able add anything in assistance, everything helps, and even if not… Spreading the word and sharing this with your Friends/Family would mean the most!!!

Because most people look at a guy in prison as just an outcast from society, not seeing there are genuine individuals in here trying THEIR BEST to contribute to a world where often times people who are in better circumstances/situations don’t (and won’t) choose to make a difference.

Stone City Blog, Thank You for offering an outlet for us in here, as well as Thank You for your support in the matters I am personally looking forward to making an impact in.

Much Love,

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

aka: stackwell

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