Johnnie Walters Jr.



Has my heart going out to so many people, and not just those directly affected by the carnage, but to those who now have to live in fear because of what these people feel they are doing in order to make their point/s.

Its no more than “Gang-Banging” for God, if you ask me, but in a way, making less sense than anything I’ve ever seen in the streets. Because at least when an example is made in the streets for a reason over “turf” (money, or whatever), people in the community find ways to move on and advance from there, afterwards.

But, with this constant degree of mayhem, we are all left confused wondering… WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT??? What will allow US (The People) to be SAFE??? Regular citizens are NOT responsible for your grievances with government policies or foreign matters. We are all just sheep under the staff of the same sheppard you might oppose over certain issues, but giving power for them to take more of our civil rights isn’t helping anyone, including your cause.

Prayers going out to the families and people in the Paris event, and I just hope we figure out a way to meet-in-the-middle soon, before we are all living in fear from eachother…


Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

aka stackwell

*Note: Look up my song (under Stackwell) on iTunes, etc. Titled, “We At War”, and realize The War we are all really at, is the one starting from WITHIN…

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