James Chambers

Washington Courts

It Amazes Me That Our Wa. State courts just can not fix things that are wrong when there has been an injustice in our justice system ! I have personally been fighting illegal convictions and illegal sentences ! From Pierce County for the last 10years and have won had it fixed and 3years later another court reverse that and this involves 18 years of prison time i was actually released after 14 years in prison in 2013 june 11th and on june 13th was calle by my community corrections officer and told that my case was reinstated and asked me to cometurn my self in at her office thats what i did i was there within a hour ! she was shocked that i showed up but i told her im not the same man that was arrested 14 years prior ! so i have now been back in prison for 2 years and 5 months fighting appeal on same issues that are still there from first appeal and my attorney that was court appointed misargued a few things and i just recieved notice that out Wa. Supreme Court just denied review of my case ! so basically they are saying that it is ok for prosecutors to charge and convict peaple illegally and they will let it stand ! im far from attorney and i figured all this stuff out in our very poorly operated law libarary ! so basically my release date went from 2027 to 2014 back to 2027 ! my family and i were both very devasted ! i was transferred to work camp in 2010 and worked in community every single while there and was accepted into parenting program for early release so i could be home with my kids and only peaple that are not threat are acce[pted oin this program !

Should the courts have a duty to fix serious errors with peaple serving time in prison for convictions that are illegal ? should there be away to raise these issues and have them reviewed and fixed ? because it is clear in my rulings the courts seem to not even be looking at these things ! is it crazy that someone wins an appeal and gets released then turns themselves in and is now looking at serving 10 more years! is it crazy that we have prosecutors office in Pierce County that is under investigation for all kinds of abuses of the law and they are getting away with having me serve 40year sentence for nonviolent drug offenses and having lots of errors with my cases and cant even get the powers that be to look at it ? prosecutors should be prosecuted for abusing the law ! im praying and trusting god will bring this to light and someone will do what is right ! thank for reading this my family and are fighting this to the end. Please feel free to leave any comments, or my info is on the CONTACT page.

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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