Jonathan Gordon

PLAYBOY (part 2)

When you turn on the t.v. or get on the internet to watch a show, we see more & more the censorship beginning to fade. More & more shows are starting to show nude scenes with little or sometimes even no blurring out, & a lot of shows have many sex scenes. Women who are acting in roles in which men are traditionally accepting as filling in the real world like t.v. dectectives are potraited far from the truth, we see these “sexy” “sensual” “exotic” women as police, in reality, if you have ever been in contact with, or come across women police, they do not usually look like that, it’s deception. I see how the deceptions society puts on women on how they should be physically affects not only themselves, but how they interact socially with others. In relationships, women are often seen as “trophies” & men are given props & kudos for having the finest women, not for having the smartest or nicest, or sweetest women. Some women turn to promiscuity in order to be valued, they completely detach themselves from relationships & give men what they think that most men only desire (whether true or not) which is their bodies, & sex. Knowing that they have a “gold mine” in their bodies, some women develop an attitude, & think that they are superior to other women because of the way they look & that attitude also reveals itself when dealing with me, women learn to manipulate the men & they treat the men as though they are “expendable” & “replaceable” at any moment, because they know that plenty of other men will be right there waiting to get their chance at her as soon as she becomes available. Women flaunt their beauty infront of their partners & some even let the men know,”you are lucky to have me, you will never find another woman like me…you better quit trippin & treat me better because when I am gone, you are gonna be the loser not me…”

I don’t know if this is always true, but I know sometimes when men get “tired” of their women & decide to either cheat or find a “replacement” the women they find are not always physically attractive as the women they were originally with, & beleiving that the women are more attractive, the partner tries to “beautify” herself & spruce up the sex life in order to keep the man from leaving her & going to the other woman. It is not always about men cheating because of sex, sometimes it’s the emotional disfunction of the relationship or the lack of being able to communicate & bond intellectually & heart to heart that causes men to leave. But society places these ideas in our minds that it is always all 100% of the time about sex, about looks, about finding younger, women who are more exciting, vibrant & better in bed. But in reality, a lot of men choose to find older women “cougars” because they believe they are more experienced, don’t play the immature games younger women play, are more mature & more established in life, emotionally & financially. Men believe these “cougars” are sexual maniacs whose libidos & sex drives are off the scale & will do anything to have a younger man & show him the ropes.

That is very true in some instances, also what is true, is besides their sexual prowess, some older women genuinely are lonely, & genuinely want someone. Some older women want a man that will give them attention, treat them good & make them feel beautiful & young again… so they can rekindle the magnetism & flames they had in their younger years…Does that mean they are willing to let younge men objectify them? In some instances yes, others, NO!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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