Randy Brennan

Looking Forward:

Its funny how the memory can bring back–in vivid detail–sights, sounds, and smells that make them cherished and favored.

I could feel the crisp bite of foggy air this morning as I walked down to grab some breakfast. The fall colors, the first frost, and the geese flying south overhead–all reminded me that my favorite season has arrived.

Some of my favorite memories are of hunting season in October. As a youngster, I spent countless hours hiking, driving, and even getting stranded in the Capital forest. In fact, my dad recently told me that he has dubbed an old logging road (that I had to hike when my car broke down) “Randy’s Road”.

While hiking through the dense, wet, and cumbersome north-west brush, I would occasionally come across patches of chanterelle mushrooms. These were lucky finds, because in my family, we wait all year to have some fried venison and chanterelles for Thanksgiving.

I am looking forward to sharing future fall seasons with my family–doing all of the things that make up our family traditions.

This season, think of your family traditions and what they mean to you. If none come to mind, then make some. Wake up and be thankful for life, loved ones, and the treasured memories that you share.

Randy Brennan
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  1. Wake up and be thankful for life, loved ones, and the treasured memories that you share. this is just in line with a movie i’ve just watched. it is good to put on hold the paperchase and spend more time with the people we love before its too late. the movie is titled courageous . try it


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