Jonathan Gordon


Like I said earlier, I didn’t post parts of the speeches from the DNC because of political beliefs or agendas. I am not promoting any political cause, or trying to delve into the field of politics, of which I know absolutely nothing about. I watch the debates & the road to the whitehouse & townhall meetings, because it is something new to me & I find it interesting. Being the fact that I have been convicted of multiple felonies in my life, I have been disenfranchised & couldn’t vote regardless if I wanted to or not. I post parts of the speeches from the DNC, because of my new interest in women in leadership roles, women in politics, & women’s stuggles to be seen as equals with me in the work force & in any arena in life in general. The points that women, well men perhaps to for that matter, are very legitimate. Hanging around the streets for most of my life, I have witnessed some of the things that are brought up in the speeches, & I can relate to them, just like milions of other people. I believe that economically a lot of women are oppressed, I have seen many countless families where a woman is the sole source of income & has to provide for not only herself, but multiple others. I have seen where women had to quit their jobs, because they had to take care of an ailing parent or other relative, granted in Washington they can be reimbursed by the state, but it is not that much money, especially in comparison to having a “real job.”
So not only are women forced to care for their sick relative, they have children to look after as well, & since the women aren’t making too much money, they can’t afford to hire a babysitter or send their kids to a daycare. I want to go off topic & bring up 2 other issues, 1st it is amazing how, when we are young, most of the time a parent, or some relative raises us, takes care of us, feeds us, clothes us, & what not. Then sometimes when we are grown, the roles reverse, the children become the “adult” & they are taking care of the same person who raised them, in the same kind of way, changing their depends, feeding them, bathing them, giving them their meds, & cleaning up after them & what not. It is a heavy task, not only because of the work, but to see someone you love being in an almost, & I hate to use this word “helpless” state. Also, for the one person who at one point in time was a healthy, productive adult to have to be taken care of, can be demoralizing & depressing…..

Jonathan Gordon
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