Randy Brennan

Forward Looking:

A friend of mine recently asked me “If you could spend five years living in three different states within this country, what would they be?”

Being that I have never lived in any other state than washington, I based my choices off of what I have heard from other peoples’ experiences, or seen on T.V.

1) Austin, TX. I have heard that the city of Austin is young, poppin’, and that there is more live music there than in any other city in the U.S.

2) Honolulu, HI. I Would prefer the smaller population of this island compared to the big island. Also, I love the idea of living on island time for a while–just slow it down and coast for a few years.

3) Wyoming. Not sure where, maybe Cheyenne, but I would like to spend some time in a state that isn’t so strict on law enforcement–not that I plan on breaking the law, on the contrary, I would like to exercise the rights to hunt, fish, and live wild and free without nosy uniforms breathing down my neck. My spirit longs to reconnect with nature.

Send me your thoughts or experiences. What are some of your favorite states/cities and why?

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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