Johnnie Walters Jr.



I’ve been working soooo hard to try and get this drive done for breast cancer awareness month, and its SUPER HARD from in here. sometimes it feels like everything i do is in “dog years” with how long it takes to coordinate with others.

but, w/o struggle there is no appreciation of gain, so, i can only be grateful for what more i do have VS. what might not manifest at this exact time.

we put together a GREAT song titled “REAL” which should be available (everywhere) oct. 23rd 2015, and also have a nice video we are doing that should also be up around the same time to help raise money and awareness for the american cancer society’s movement to provide better health care and cancer research within our comunity.

if there is someone out there who might see this and have some sort of secretary skills or is interested in helping to spread the word, i could really use some feedback from u.

you can google my info under “stackwell” and also can directly correspond w/ me via

hope you are having a good day/week as u are reading this, and i look forward to sharing more in the future.

much love,

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

aka stackwell

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