Jonathan Gordon


Just like people who were slaves, people who are in prison, are in a plantation, they are a wharehoused commodity. Just like people who were slaves, traded on the black & white ivory, people who are in prison, not only are traded on the stock market, but the government also pays private prison companies to wharehouse them. Just like people who were slaves, taken from there home countries & shackled & binded in slave ships packed in like sardines, they are also taken from the town they live in, transported on a stuffed bus, someplaces they are shackled together & moved across the state even in federal cases across the country. Just like people who were slaves on the slave ships, they were gaurded by armed gaurds, people in prison when transported on their slave ships (prison buses) they are armed by gaurds, & just like slaves if you try to run, then you can be shot, if you get away, then just like slaves a bounty is put on your head (warrant) & police officers, fed agents & bounty hunters are paid to come & hunt you down, just like a runaway slave. Another parallel to that equasion, people who were slaves had a “slave bounty” money that was given to whoever returned the slave to their master, same thing with the people on the lam, you can call crimestoppers & get at least a $1,000 in the state of Washington for tips leading to the runaway slave. Just like people who were slaves who were stamped & branded, people in prison are “stamped” & “branded” which means given a DOC number & wearing clothing which is stamped with words like “county jail” & “DOC” on the back. That way there is no doubt as to who the owner of that slave is. Just like a person who is a slave, people who are in prison are stored away in plantations, far away from family, segregated from society & under the complete control & subjugation of the slave drivers. Just like the people who are slaves, the people in prison are under slave masters & drivers, who are paid good money to babysit them & punish them severely when they ge out of line. Instead of beating people with whips & chains, they got more “humane” weapons, tasers, pepper spray, rubber bullets & Ar-15’s.

Just like people who were slaves were fed the leftovers from the cows, pigs & chickens, the people who are in prison are fed Correctional Industry food, manufactured in a lab laced with chemicals, starch, sodium & all kinds of unprononceable substances. The food comes literally in the form of liquid slop, a dog or a pig wouldn’t even eat it. Just like people who are slaves, in the State of Washington, people do hard manual labor under the supervision of slave drivers for literally pennies on the dollar.
The least you make is 36 cents an hour, the most you can make is $1.60, but there is a catch, just like a person who is a slave, DOC taxes people in Washington at the minimum 35% of all money coming in over $10, but let it be someone who owes fines or child support, DOC can tax ’em up to 95% of their money, so if a person is making 36 cents an hour, after getting taxed that goes down to what? About 5 cents?

Just like a person who is a slave or and indentured servant, a person can buy their freedom, temporarily albeit, it is called BAIL, but when bailed out,they are still under the jurisdiction & supervision of the County Jail…Just like a person who is a slave on a chain gang, prisons have chain gangs……….

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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