Samuel Hawkins

Prison Life

The days have been quiet, and the activities here are as normal as one could expect.

There haven’t been any incidents that attracted the attention of the administration.

There is a change occuring in the chain of command, midway through the ranks. The current Correctional Program Manager, CPM, Mrs. Estes is moving to a temporary position of Superintendent of a minimum ‘Camp’ facility. I believe it is Cedar Creek, or Larch Mountain.

The new CPM, will be current CUS, Correctional Unit Supervisor Barker.

My PRP, Personal Restraint Petition, was sent from the Super here in Walla Walla, to the Division 3 Court of Appeals. This PRP is based on my challenge of the Forbidden Three policy that has been enacted here at Walla Walla.

I am working on this alone, although I have sought appointment of Counsel through the Courts, because I would like this to be heard as a Class Action suit.

Since it effects or has the potential to effect anyone that is currently or may in the future be housed here.

With so little going on around here, I have little to tell you. That is not a bad thing though.

I will give you the latest update on Sgt. Forbes. First of all she has recently begun being referred to as the Bastard Executioner. Just a title befitting her.

Anyways, there is a fitness class that on alternating weekdays goes out in the morning and evening, depending on whether you are housed in the West or East side of the unit. This class is called The Wellness Program, and is an approved program, with inmates who assist other inmates in maintaining their health through yoga, low impact exercises, and cardio exercises.

It was approved for these inmates who participate in the Wellness Program to receive ten minute showers upon completion of the class, whether in the morning or evening. In the mornings there are no problems or complications.

You guessed it, in the evenings, Sgt. Forbes has ceased these showers. For what reason is unknown. What is known, is that the inmates in Delta, Echo, and Golf unit are not experiencing any of these problems.

I have suggested that the inmates file grievances on this issue. Personally I recommended that they file staff misconduct on her, since she has a history of implementing her own programs and following her own agenda rather than that of the Department of Corrections, The Washington State Penitentiary, or even that of Fox Unit.

Until she is held accountable for her actions she will feel confident in continuing to implement her own agenda.

Now the latest information that I have received is that Sgt. Forbes, has also been failing to authorize inmate workers in the SPL Sustainable Practices Lab showers when they return from work. So they have to wait in their cells through count, dinner and then possibly a unit recreation period if the side of the unit that they live on has first evening unit yard and dayroom.

This is just another version of her control of the unit.
The ‘Garage Door’ has been opened per the CUS, who told me he was not aware that she had been closing it. So he directed her not to have the officers on her shift to continue this practice.

Now my question is, why is someone that has twice made decisions that effect the orderly operation of the facility, and been directed to cease these activities not been reprimanded for the actions that she is making. And if she is being reprimanded, at what point does this become an issue to her superiors.

The issues that I express are not personal ‘Gripes’. Rather these are issues that effect all inmates in this unit.

I can only attempt to give a clear version of what I see or am told.
Many prisoners recognize my willingness to address positive changes and do so through the proper channels. I am well spoken and capable of aiding and assisting others in ways that they can communicate their issues and grievances properly.

Often grievances are returned with an explanation stating, Not a Grievable issue, or Re-Write for any number of reasons.
Other times it is returned after initial investigation with a response that essentially is a ‘brush off’.

The administration understands the cause and effect of these responses. They can cause inmates to feel as though the guard that guards the guard is the grievance coordinator. So it is difficult to have faith in the system.

Also many inmates will file a grievance, but by the time it is returned the issue is not as pressing, until it becomes an issue again. But since they do not pursue the grievance beyond the initial level, it remains within the hidden files in the confines of the facility. Whereas if you pursue your grievances to Headquarters it reaches the eyes of those who have the ability to address the situation from a less nepotistic perspective.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

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