Steve Anderson


We can live a natural family life and feel all the natural feelings of
love for our family.

Being detached is not cultivating a cool, aloof, uncaring feeling. It doesn’t mean we walk away from our loved ones. It doesn’t mean we
leave behind all the things we enjoy doing in this world.

Being detached is simple refusing to allow anything to distrub our
inner state and our inner harmony.

Being detached doesn’t mean getting rid of anything ; it just means
not holding on to garbage.

Anything that has the power to disturb your state, that drive you up
the wall, this and many other things need to be detached fro

Its never fair when someone or something disturb your inner

You need to discover a space within yourself where the things around
you associated with others don’t bother you, a space where you are
always completely happy within your self. This is detachment.

Because of conditioning, it is easy for is to get bogged down in petty
judgments and self-righteous feelings.

We think a person should be a certain way ; we think we should be
treated in certain ways, and we criticize and condemn any deviation
from our own limted concepts.

We’ll go as far as to be “hurt” – and make a big point of it — because something someone else does or doen’t do. These are the attachmentsthat hold us down, NEVER SETTLE FOR WHATS NOT YOURS.

It’s way to funny how parents supress their cuild’s unique nature
because of their own desires and exspectaions.

A husband suppresses his wife, and a wife suppresses her husband
based on cnditioned expectations they have for each other — the
husband thinks the wife should be a certain way in order to be a good
wife, visa versa on the husband part, what she thinks that makes a
good husband.

then they wonder why the marriage goes stale, why there’s no
spontaneous fun, why there’s not much laughter as there used to be.

It’s crazy patent’s also think their child should be a certain way and
not the way one naturally is, and then they wonder why the child
becomes quiet and withdrawn, why they doesn’t openly share
their feelings, or why one becomes rebellious.

One of the most difficult things is to simple allow others to be as
they are — exspecialy those close to you.

How rare but very beautiful is it to see others encourage love one’s
and friend’s to simply be true uncut real to also hold the power of
molding yourself. Wonderful, how harmonious the wold would be.
to accept each other as we are { AS MAN, & WOMAN.}

How loving and joyous our relationships would be if one accept we
not only allowed but encouraged these close to use to always be them
selves, and not feel responsible for our happiness or epected to please

One thing is certain: God made each of us as we are.

Each of us is the delightful self in anther costume, another deisguise.

If we have the vision of the (ANEW) we would leave off our petty and
rigid judgementality, that literally creates our own hell; your not
better then another. Be you !


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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  1. I like the short William Blake poems.

    He who binds himself to a Joy,
    Does the winged Life destroy.
    But he who kisses the Joy as it flies,
    Lives, in Eternities Sunrise.

    The countless gold of a merry heart,
    The rubies & pearls of a loving eye,
    The indolent never can bring to the mart,
    Nor the cunning hoard up in his treasury.


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