Jarvais Warren

Ima do me, you do you

Agree to disagree?
Lets do something crazy, you be you and I’ll be me!
We think the thoughts that we be think’n
And neither of us jugde the thoughts that we be keep’n

Tomorrow never comes

Story goes… Donny had a girlfriend named Tomorrow. A beautiful girl with a plain Jane quality. They were in love. Then a girlscout came to the door on a Thursday afternoon. A cute little girl with the eyes of fox. She tells Donny about their specials, he buys 2 boxes. She says “Mister, if you pay for 2 more boxes in advance today…I will bring you 4 tomorrow.”Well Donny looooves girlscout cookies so he does it! Next day comes…..No girlscout no cookies. Next day, the same. He does nothing but look out the window for a whole week. He doesn’t go to work and his girlfriend said she wasn’t satisfied and broke up with him, he replied “Its not my fault.” Tomorrow never comes. Don’t put off things until tom you can do them Today.

Today is now! Live in the present, because it is a gift. Or you will be fooled by a child, that has a better understanding of such things.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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