Jarvais Warren

GOD’s plan vs. My plan

“Im off to find what’s trying to find me!” Thats what I say one day. Like the Last straw, or like the final bump in the other room that makes you go see whats going on in there. But instead, I set my goal very high! I set this new goal sooo high that the other goal will come without effort. I start my journey through the lit forest. Unicorns greet me like “Hey man! Look at this!” I say “Aye man, where you get that from?!” It points deeper into the forest. I happily see my way through the forest. I KNOW my goal is going to show itself, for I am the LION. I meet beauty that can only be described as beauty. They sing songs not yet written.

Now I skip through the forest as fairies hang onto my mane for the ride. I hear a “Pssst over here” I look up into a tree where the voice is coming from. I say ” wasup? who’s that?” The voice says ” It is me”. I smile and roar “Larry! Thats you! Howya been!” The voice goes “No, not Larry. I have been sent by HIM to talk to you!” I get excited again, I walk to the foot of the tree “Aww man! Larry sent you! Whats he up to?”

There is a brief silence. “……No…..Larry did not send me. Look, I have His plan…your plan.” It show me. “Sorry buddy, but thats not my plan. I’ll help you when Im done though, mabye tomorrow yes?” The tree voice seemed like it was thinking, or mabye given me time to think. It speaks finally ,”Uh…yeah…He was kinda hoping you would start it now.”

My eyebrows raise as high as they can, “What! But my goal is amazing, Grand and magical even! What about my plan!?”

Next thing I know I am sitting in the lower branches of the tree. I am staring back down at myself. Not like a reflection, or a mirror. I am the LION on the ground, and I am also in the tree. The voice whispers an image in my ear. I tell him “Ok, I give, where do I start.”

I can hear the LION on the ground “Hey! WHAT! NO! We gotta finish first! Whats it tellin ya!” I reply “Shutup man, I’ll tell you later.”

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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