Michael Knaus

Into The Abyss That Is Mike

My name is Michael Knaus, however most call me Mike. I am currently serving a 30-year sentence in Washington State at Stafford Creek Corrections Center. I was convicted of First-Degree Assault, at the age of 18, in August of 2006. I am now 27 years old.

I am a Seahawks fan and have been since I was 4. I play softball and made the All-Star team this year. I used to have ice cream cake for my birthday every year.

My parents have been divorced since before I can remember and I grew up with my dad. I have a sister (Jennifer-30) and 3 brothers (Nick-21, Tristan-18, and Parker-15).

I work in Correctional Industries (CI) in the Metal shop. I am learning how to weld, grind, bend, and cut metal to make different things. I am also planning on learning how to do powder coating.

I helped plan, put together, and run a mock interview event that helped inmates in CI learn and prepare to get a job when released. You can check out a clip of it on YouTube named: Offenders Hone Interview Skills With Help From Real Employers. I am the one at the podium in the first few seconds of the clip.

I look forward to being able to share my experiences from behind bars with you. I know you will enjoy reading it as much as I will writing it.

Michael Knaus
DOC #305268

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