Jarvais Warren

I work the 4am shift in the kitchen

Four aye em in the kitchen
I listen to what is mentioned
And pay attention to what is missin
I am fishin for my mission
I ask for removal of my blind fold
I was given a kind soul
Now I walk with my eyes closed
I tell mountains “I have climbed you!”
I tell answers “Whats yours is mine too!”
I have found what was always there
It was not lost, I found aware

The “WTH” qoute of the month

“I was a better theif when I was a alcoholic” :/


How come when girls were those short cut off shorts, they keep the pockets? The pockets hang out from the bottom of the shorts. How come when you leave out prison cookies they get soft as biscuits, but when u leave out the biscuits, they get hard like a cookie? How can you hear a sound, and its not loud nor quiet, not high or low pitched? When is it possible to hear a sound and it only be that, a sound. How can you chase something, and the only way to chase it down is to realize there is no chase. Can you finish 1st place in a race if you are the only one in the race? I guess you could, but why are you running?

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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