Ramone Echols

Investigation (Part 2)

Now , I mentioned before that the first night in the hole I knew I wouldn’t be able to get to the phone for a few days , but I had to get the word out that I was in there. The only address I know off top is ol’ girl I spoke on in ” Asset or Liability ” , and I said to myself ” I’m cool. ” After some thought I decided to get at her just to see if she’s even worth any more of my time & energy , so I wrote her just to see if she would still be on her BS , or will she be an adult. And like I knew she would do she didn’t respond , nor did she even call my mom and let her know. What she didn’t know was that I’ve been trying to find one good reason not to give up on her , and if she would’ve got back at me she would’ve just showed me that going through all the unnecessary BS with her is worth it cause she’ll put the BS aside and support me when it’s needed the most. But she didn’t , so I don’t have to worry about having her in my life when I get home. She’s one of those females that believe that because we have a history of twenty plus years that it’s automatic we’ll be togetherr when I get home no matter what so she can act like a ” PUNK ROCK B!TCH. ” So , I said to myself it’s time to put some people to the test now that I’m in a bad situation. So , I decided I would try to touch bases with all the females that believe me messing with them is automatic when I get out. Only two of them answered , and that’s my ” BM / EX-WIFE ” & my ” CLUTCH PERFORMER. ” Now , I’m not mad by far cause I’m not in a relationship with any of them , but like I said they feel like they should be the ones that I come home to. Now , I’ll tell you why I’m not mad at them. I know females are emotional creatures , and alot of them feel like they can’t survive without having a cat there at night to bust it open so they act brand new while we’re locked up. I come from a family full of females on both sides , and none of them even rode this out with me consistantly. Sh!t , my own Granny even fell off on me a few times over the years and she love me more than her own kids. So if her , my eight sisters , six auntes , and countless cousins can’t ride it out faithfully, a chick not doing it is no surprise. I give it up for my ” Mary Jane ” though cause she hasn’t fallen off once , not once in the 6 1/2 years that she’s been in my life. The only woman that’s rode every day for the past twenty plus years is my Mother , so her and ” Mary Jane ” and my Princess are the only ones I’m obligated to when I touch down. Loyalty. That was a big topic on my mind while I was in the hole.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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