John Hagan

Jonathan Hagan

Genuinely a spiritualist, I am interested in enhancing my own personal karma by assisting in your lifes questions. I have read palms for many years and I believe in the work the universe has blessed me to provide. We all seek “Answers” & none without the merit of needing understanding.

For a free reading, contact me by logging on to: “–hagan #312902″… from wrist to fingertips, clearly scan or foto each palm, back of palms & side of fists (pinky area). Add up the full date of your birth to the lowest sum. (example: 9+11+1976=34. 3+4=7) send all this to me & Ill respond with your reading. Or write to me at:

jonathan hagan #312902
191 constantine way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

***donations are not required but will be accepted “in kind” to further this cause if you are happy with your reading.



-economic desparity. -lack of grassroots mentorship &
-leagal & social injustice. orgs. that cultivate upliftment in
-criminality. troubled communities.
-insufficient education & -lack of the awareness one has on resources. self, others & environment. -objectificational exploitation.
-ignorance, racial intollerance & lack of
Social empathy for humanity.

Intimately in tuned to the inner city social ills that plague society, i was once a part of the problem. However, by the grace & mentorship of my spiritual teacher “Acharya Kedar”, I seek to be a part of the solution & I now recognize how the lack of “Self-Knowledge” is really hurting us & causing us undesired karmic effects that have far reaching implications that keep us bound to exacerbating disfunctional tendencies & crab syndrome like mentalities.
My aim is to be an asset to the local & world community by devoting myself to doing my part in reversing these unprogressive trends; By uplifting humanity in reaching back with a helping hand up to the economically & spiritually chalenged, disenfranchised & marginalised, on the grassroots level; By networking with those selfless souls of like mind…In hopes that in living out my purpose in life, I can instill seeds of hope, illumination & refinement within those who are in unfortunate circumstances.
I would greatly appreciate any & all help anyone out there can assist me in acheiving these measures by allowing me to build with you; By connecting me to the movers & shakers or propper resources to make all this come together & work; or by volunteering your web skillz to be social coordinator to assist me in developing a home page for this cause.

Thank you so much for your time.
With a bow.

John Hagan
DOC #312902

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