Daniel Turner


I have a cellie who watches these End of Times TV evanglists sometimes, and it’s just amazing to me. Not him in particular, but other Christians I’ve ran into, and the people on these shows, seem actually excited about the destruction of the world and the torment of suffering of billions of people who don’t believe like they do. There’s just one word for it: sick.

Wait, one more word: moronic. Christians have been preaching the apocalypse from the very beginning of their religion. Anytime someting big and bad happened, they said THIS was the time. They did it when the Romans destroyed the temple, when the year 1000 came, when the Black Plague came, etc,; all of those people of those times thinking that Paul was talking about THEM when he said this generation wouldn’t die off before Jesus returned. He was clearly talking about his time, as all of the believers of that time thought. But who cares? He was wrong, just as every Christian would-be prophet for 2000 years has been wrong. At least the Mayan calender apocalypse was just a passing fad. Equally moronic, but a passing fad.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. Mm. As a Christian I have to say that, like many others, I find TV evangelism mostly plain embarrassing! – with the possible exception of Joyce Meyer’s Enjoying Everyday Life. It’s usually understood by gospel scholars that Paul (and Jesus) were talking about individuals experiencing Jesus coming again for them, in this life – ie meeting him before their death. But predicting ‘end times’ is a clear refusal to accept Jesus’ comment that ‘No one knows the day or the hour’ – just be ready at all times and don’t assume things will always stay the same as they were yesterday. Claims that the world will never end is as unfounded as claims that it’s going to be … whenever each ‘prophet’ predicts!


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