Anthony E. Herod

Chapter 3


One morning back in 1985 i was 11 years
old standing on 12th Yesler waiting
on the school bus.

There was me, and like six other kids standing
on the corner, when a woman and a man
was comming up the street arguing.

The man said “FUCK YOU BITCH!”

The woman pulled out a big ass knife
from her purse (it look like a Rambow knife
because it had a compus at the end of it)
and the lady stuck the knife deep down
in the mans chest.

The man fell to the ground when she stab him
with the first blow. (I could see he was in shock)
Once he fell, she just kept stabing him, over and
over again. With each thrust the knife went deeper
and deeper.

All the kids statred screaming out. She killing him!
She killing him!

There was tons of blood on the ground. It was crazy.
The look on the dead mans face was even crazyer.

We were all in shock.
She murder that man right there in front of all us kids.

Yep just another day in the life,
in the projets where i grew up at.

On the ride to school that day, it was real quite on
the bus.

After that day, nothing really shocked me anymore.

That was’nt the last time i would see someone
get murdered when i was a kid. just three weeks
after that, the cops shot a man to death.

His name was Robert Baldwin.

Mr. Baldwin had only been living in the Yseler Terrace
for about six months, when thing started to go
all bad for him.

Mr. Baldwin suffered from mental illness, and
was recieving social security benifits.
Now when Mr. Baldwin forgot to renew his
benifits the social security office cut them off.

Now my mother was a social person, who knew
most of the residents who stayed in the

So one day her friend Tammy came over to our apartment,
and was saying that she heard Mr. Baldwin was going
around asking for food, due to the fact
the Government cut off his benifits.

So my mother got together with a few of her friends
and put together a food package for Mr. Baldwin.
Made up from mostly food they had gotten
from the food bank.

They went over to Mr. Baldwins place and gave him the
food. He was super happy to get the food. (I think
he was really happy to see some beautiful black women
at his door) Mr. Baldwin looked to be about forty five
years old, back in 1985.

So a few days went by, but no one has heard from
Mr. Baldwin.

I was riding my bike up and down 10th
aveune. The same steert Mr. Badwin lived on. As i
was riding i see the King County Sheriff and the
superintendent Mr. Rice going to Mr. Baldwin door.

So i ride over, to see whats going on.
You know when we see the police we go check it out.
We nosey in the projects.

So they went up the stairs and knocked on Mr. Baldwin door,
but Mr. Baldwin did not answer. So they knocked
harder. (More like they banged on it)

The cop yelled out. We have an eviction notice for
you Mr. Baldwin! The supreintendent said.

I see the door fly open.
Mr. Baldwin had a samri sowrd and cut the Sheriff right
across his chest, in a Z formation.

Then he slams the door.
It all happen so fast. The Sheriff fell to his knees, and
then flat on his face.

Mr. Rice was in a deep shock. When he seen
the Sheriff hit the ground, he ran off screaming

The cops came like 100 deep. There was cops every where.
They came over the louad speaker saying, “come out
Mr. Baldwin with you’re hands up!”

They started evacuating the rest of the apartment
building. There was a big crowed gathering.

The cops got on the louad speaker and said.
This is you’re last chance to come out with you’re
hands up, ore we are comming in!

Mr. Baldwin walked by the window, and someone
scream “HE’S GOT A GUN!”

The police open fire! POP POP POP POP BOOM

The cops shot out all his windows. One of the cops
said i think hes hit! Mr. Baldwin yelled out the

The cops said, “LET HER GO BALDWIN!”
All this has been going on for about five hours.

Theres reporters everywhere, news trucks everywhere.
Big crowds of people watching from there

They cut the power off in his apartment.
Then you see two police run buy the two
shot out windows, and throw something inside.

“BOOM BOOM BOOM! Smoke started pouring out the windows.
The cops yelled over the louad speaker saying, “thats tear gas
Mr. Baldwin, you better come on out!”

There was no movement inside the apartment.
You can see the taskforce getting ready to do there thing
on the side of the building.

Here they come. The taskforce creeping up
to the front door. They look up at the windo,
then they kick the door in and all you hear is a
heil of gun shots.

It sounds like a war zone inside that apartment.
There was no woman found inside the apartment,
and when they pulled Mr. Baldwins body out.
They said he had over 25 bullet holes in him.

___________________________________ Do not miss chapter.4

Anthony Herod
DOC #703840


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