Anthony E. Herod

Chapter 2


There was a big fire in the field in the back of
the projects, right next to the freeway overpass.
All the sticker bushes were burning down.

Someone told my mother i was stuck in the
trail that was on fire. Its the same path, me
and my friend take to get to school.

My mother was standing on the edge of the field crying.
I walk up to her and she was crying and screaming
“MY BABY’S DEAD!!!’ I said whos dead mom?
She looked at me like she seen a ghost!

She was so happy to see me!
She grab me and gave me a hug
and said someone said you started the fire, and
they saw you back there in the trail.

I was like “No!” that was’nt me. She said if i find out you
started that fire “BOY I’MA BEAT THAT ASS!!!”

I started thinking real fast.
I know i did’nt want this beautiful single black
woman getting off in my ass.

So i remembered seeing my friend
Mikey going to smoke cigarettes in the
bushes, right by the path that was on fire
we take to school.

So i told her, mom that was Mikey! She said, i told
you i did’nt want you hanging out with that lil

I said i was’nt! I just seen him smoking cigarettes
on the way to the trail we take to school every day.
She said let me find out otherwise “BOY THAT YO ASS!!!”

At that very moment two detectives walk up and said
are you that kid Andy? My mother said “yes!”
They said we need to talk to him. Are you his mother?
She said yes i am why?

(Like she did’nt know why those two cops
wanted to talk to me, “about that fire!)

They told her, some people said you’re son was the one who
started the fire. (My mother gave me that look,
Like “i’ma kill you!”)

The two detectives took me to their office and
questioned me about the fire, “that I did’nt even start”

“Man” there office looks just like a real
interrogation room you see on t’v.
It had a swinging light and everything.
I was like this is going to be fun!

They just kept asking me the same questions
over and over again.
Did you use a lighter?

Were you in the bushes somking cigarrettes or weed,
did you use matches?


I was like man, i told you i did’nt do it!
They said, we know you did it. We got people
saying you did it. Just tell us how and why
you did it!

Man i could’nt tell them something i did’nt do.
Even if i did do it i would’nt tell
those cops. They hate people from the hood.

So they took me down to juvenile hall, where they
book me in. For arson!

It was my first time getting locked up,
I was just eleven year old boy
siting in a holding cell thinking
how much i hated thoes punk ass cops for trying
to pin that fire on me.

A lady came to my cell ask me was i alright?
and told me my mother was here to see me.
I was like i don’t want to see her! (I know
she wants to best my ass)

The lady was like she comming back here!
I was thinking these people aint going to let
her put hands on me. (Shit they might!)

My mother came to my cell door and said,
I know you did’nt burn down those bushes.
Torry told me you were at the store, you did’nt
have any money. So you must have been stilling!

(I seen the fire in this womans eyes)

I know she wanted to beat my ass right there,
but the juvenile staff was right there watching
us. So she gave me a hug and a kiss, and
whispered in my ear. You know that ass is mine
when you get home.

She left and the staff took me to change my
clothes. They gave me a pink jumpsuit, and said
here put this on. I was like man this shit pink!
The dude just laugh and said yep it is pink aint it.

The man walked me down a hallway to a unit
that had like ten cells with little windows in
them. I was thinking damn i’m in jail.

I went to sleep. And i woke up the next morning to my
cell door popping open. I got up off the bunk, and walked
over to it, open it up and looked out. Their where
other kids comming out of there cells.

I heard one of the lady staff say, “Breakfast!”
Everyone to the chow hall! So i just started following
all the other kids, down this hall to where this room
was at with all these tables.

So i got in line and grabbed a tray, and made my way
to one of the tables, took a seat. This big ass kid
came running up saying, man thats my seat!!!
He said get the fuck up! I was like boy fuck you!
He took a swing and set me on my ass. I was
on the ground, and i kicked him right in his nuts
as hard as i could! “BAM!!!”

That boy hit the floor screaming! I got up and kick
him in his face as hard as i could. “BAM!!!”
His tough ass was out cold.

Two staff members jump on me, and cuffed me up.
They took me back to my cell, and ask me what
happen? I was like shit nothing. They said why did you
do that to that kid? I said hes a tough guy, and my
mom showed me that move. They laugh, and said
You’ll being going to court this morning, so get

(Check out the next chapter to see what happens next)
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