Samuel Hawkins

Another Prison Lockdown

We are on lockdown again. This time something occured in D&E unit again. I have no information what it was, but due to the last situation that happened last weekend it is very possible that this is merely a continuation of those events.
I have to consider whatever happened as much more serious than what has been the cause of the previou lockdowns, because this situation has effected us in F&G quad.
What I can say of the previous event that caused D&E to go on lockdown is that the Norteno’s attacked a group of white inmates and it was between 10-15 Norteno’s, and only 4-5 whites. Apparently these whites were a group called the AF(Aryan Family). Supposedly the Skinheads, another white group did not aid the AF during this attack, which by prison rules/politics if your race is attacked by another it is expected of you to assist your ‘people’ regardless of the subsets that exist.
The white inmates were thus at a significant loss of numbers and took an extremely bad beating.
From what I have heard 4 people left on stretchers.

As to last nights events I can not say, other than E unit had big yard, and the initial event was in D unit. They have been on modified lockdown, only allowing smaller than normal amounts of inmates out of the cell to yard. I belive one tier on each yard, instead of the normal one pod. In essence they cut the normal amounts in half.

As we remain locked down the Hub-Kitchen, workers from F&G units are being allowed out to work, and have been approved to work the D&E units shifts.
So it is apparent that the administration does not anticipate any problems from the F&G unit inmates. Yet we remain locked down…

So the first information that I/we the prisoners in Fox unit have received came via the local news. It appears that the cause for the lockdown was a large melee’ in the big yard involving approximately 60 inmates.
There were multiple ‘Warning’ shots fired.
I wil not have the complete information of what transpired until we come off of lockdown. But I won’t be able to send this until that time either.
It is September 2, and all units in the West Complex remain locked down. We are receiving showers today, along with commissary that arrived as scheduled. But not much else.


Smiles are hard to find here.
It is Thursday the 3rd, and we are coming out for 30 minutes of Unit yard, half a tier at a time. We also are coming out to pick up chow, half a tier at a time(which is normal).
Hopefully we will return to normal programs tomorrow.
It is tomorrow, and we are not on a normal program. 30 minute unit yard again. We are going to have showers and jpay.
The irony of this situation is that nothing has occurred in our unit or quad, yet we remain in this locked down status. The individuals involved were Norteno’s and Whites. Those groups are not housed together in this unit or quad. So the significance of locking our quad down is retributory at best. There serves no point or purpose for the continued lockdown of F&G units.
The seperation of the four units is to allow them to be operated individually, and independently of one another, as well as segregate factions of gangs, or individuals who can not be near one another due to criminal behavior(no contact orders) or previous fights or assaults on one another.

If the administration is allowed to continue to operate in this manner and fashion, we can expect that this will be the normal operation for any event. They justify their actions, with safety and security of the orderly operation of the institution.
What exactly does that mean?
If we are constantly locked down, that creates a disorder of its own.
Also during these lockdowns, we are not allowed visitors, or provided an opportunity to inform our families that visits are cancelled and we are on lockdown. If we are fortunate enough to have a counselor who will take the time to listen to us, they may make a call for you. But that is not required of them.

If you are interested or willing to help change the process and procedures that are in place, please contact me, Walla Walla, DOC Headquarters in Olympia, or Columbia Legal Services.
Inform them of what the issues are here.
The need for them to be “looked into” and appropriate changes made.

Thank you for your help.

Samuel Hawkins
DOC #706212

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  1. I have contacted Amnesty International several times a year ago about your situation, they turned me down on the ground they don’t interfere with American Internal legal affairs, made me cry. Amnesty should drop the word ‘international’ and call it ‘for the selected few only’.


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