Daniel Turner


So Target made a decision to market its toys as gender-neutral. And of course, the conservative Christians are immediately out in force, talking about how theri values are being eroded, America is being destroyed, something like that.

Whatever, Target made a business decision, and people can like it or not. Then I saw the Reverend Franklin Graham on Fox News spouting his indignation, talking about how kids are not gender-neutral, that “God made us all boy or girl.”

I love the child-like, simplistic world these Bible-thumpers live in. Ignorant of reality, ignorant of all facts. The Bible explains everything. No matter that it’s NOT as simple as “God made us all boy or girl,” that there are instances of sexual dimorphism and biological reasons underlying gender. What would the good reverend say to someone who may look masculine, but has undersized male genitalia and internal ovaries? That God made you a boy, even if you feel feminine?

Old people who take their knowledge from faith need to wake up. The world is bigger and more complex than your Bronze-Age fairy tales could ever have imagined.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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