Daniel Turner


So Bernie Sanders is apparently an atheist, which of course I’m all for. I would be amazed and pleased to see an atheist president. He’s also choosing as the centerpiece of his campaign to get rid of the advantages of the wealthy in America and look out for regular folks. It sounds good, and of course, there are problems in America. But the issue I have with socialists like Sanders is that they want a different kind of corruption. They ascribe some kind of high-minded idealism to “the People” and imagine that “the People” will be less corrupt and better stewards of wealth than corporations and politicians and rich fat-cats. Look at every example of “the People” being in charge in history to see how untrue this is.

I’m all for cutting out advantages for wealthy people and corporations, and getting money out of politics, but redistribution of wealth is not going to make America richer. Raising taxes on rich people is not going to create jobs. And government regulations are not going produce guaranteed standards of living. What the nation needs is obvious: an education system not strangled by Washington, free trade, a simple tax code, and politicians who can’t control the markets and lives of Americans. That’s how create prosperity for everyone.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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