Randy Brennan

success upon my release from prison

There is such a familiar ease and natural flow to the conversation of those who are free from the confines of prison. It was an honor to share two hours of conversation with company representatives from the Home Depot, Goodwill Industries, South Seattle Community College, and the North West Iron Workers Union. I was elected by our workforce development specialist with Correctional Industries to be a chaperon and an usher for this years reentry resource fair. My job was to explain the technical skills that I have gained through Correctional Industries, my education and academic accomplishments, soft skills and human relations skills, as well as, written and verbal communications skills. All of these were offered to me through CI and Grays Harbor college and I have taken full advantage of them so that I can position myself for success upon my release from prison. I was offered employment at two different locations by people who knew that I have 14 years left on my sentence, that felt really good and instilled a boost of confidence in me to know that the path in front of me is well lit and promising. I’ve made a committment to use every resource available to me and capitalize on every opportunity that presents itself. Until next time, take care.

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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