Jarvais Warren

– The Peter Pan Effect –

– Reclaim your imagination –

Im watching t.v. today and I start watching “Dispicable Me”. I keep missing the Damn End of the movie!

But a couple guys my age and a couple guys older than me come up to me and say “what the hell you watchin!”

(I live in a dorm setting with 80+ people so there is no privacy)

I say “Lol, u know what this is, you don’t like this movie?” . One guy says “Im a grown man, why would I watch a cartoon!?”

I told him that I’m sorry he lost his imagination. Then I put my finger in my nose as I cross my eyes.

Its, soo easy to lose it as we get older, even more so if your in prison.

As I grow closer to my release and move out of survival mode Im noticing that Im not changing back to the old me. Its an upgrade of my old self, I still contain all my old programs, but not for a raining day. More like to reflect back on to make sure my mistakes happen only once. Its seems as if I can understand things clearly now as if Im the phychologist and the patient, and we take turns sitting on the couch, but they are both me. Sometimes we play guess who.

Remember Peter Pan in the movie? He had grown up and lost his imagination? Then he regained it allowing him to see endless possibilities.

Regain your imagination I say!! Just look at the company Apple. He said his plan was to make a product that people don’t know they need.

You like Ipods dont you!!

Think out the box! The box is boring!
I think out the box, that the normal box sits in!
And Im tryin to break free of that box as well!!

When guys hear my plans or I tell them what Im currently doing they look confused and have alot of questions for me. Its soo hard to do things while in prison. Or is it?

Speak things into existence, and work crazy stupid hard yo!

Remember all the ideas as a kid you use to have!
Think different and go hard!
Un-remember the bounderies your mind has!
And use your Imagination to create the new you, and your new world!

And I missed the end of Dispicable Me AGAIN!! DAMMIT!!!!

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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