Adolphus Redding


When i made the decision to seek the face of God i knew i had to get right.
The shows i watched on t.v., the materials i read, how i talked, who i associated with, and my manner of speech (internally and

I didn’t go in to this thinking i would be changed overnight.
I realized i was making a commitment.
My life was literally in the balance.
I wanted to get my sense of peace back.

Going to church took on a different light for me now.
I wasn’t forced to attend and i wasn’t hearing things that i really didn’t understand.
I listened with an attentive ear and i felt the comfort of clean thoughts.

I did have to overcome the pressure of what others would think of my change of heart.
Most of the people that frequent church in prison are thought to be those who have crimes against women or children.
I knew i had to get beyond that type of thinking.
It most definitely was a reason for avoiding services in the past.

I wanted to get healed more than i cared about the opinions of others so i started attending services regularly again.
I tried to focus my vision by sitting in the front rows.
This kept me from looking at who else was there and doing an inventory of what i knew of their crimes.

In my effort to find God i knew i would have to read my bible.
I grew up, as i imagine many other homes did, as a Sunday Christian.
My family went to church on Sunday but the rest of the week the bible went untouched.
Pretty hard to get understanding of something with limited interaction.

What i gained from constant interaction with scriptures was an invaluableinsight to the rebellious man i was living as.
I also gained insight to the man i wanted to become.
The stories of the mighty men of God appealed to me.
I wanted to be someone valiant and able to lead others to the happinessi had managed to find.

Material things didn’t provide happiness.
Drug use only felt good when i was high, i always knew i had to come down.
Sex was just another form of drug use.
Nothing i tried could fill my heart with substance.

Thankfully, God allowed me another chance and i’m determined to make the most of it.
I hope that as i share the experiences of my life you will contemplate yours.
Take the time to slow down and evaluate what your purpose for living is.
If you aren’t happy with what you find, now is the time to change it.

God bless you and God keep you.

Adolphus E. Redding
DOC #956796

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