Ramone Echols


A few weekends ago I had a visit , and one of my visitors was my adorable one and a half year old granddaughter . This was my second time seeing her , and the last time we saw each other it was a real test of wills . So this time I had my mind made up that she wasn’t going to break me . Well , while holding her while she was asleep I feel 110% in love with her . So , that made me do more thinking about having a couple more children when I get home . People been telling me that I can’t have anymore because I have grandchildren now , but I beg to differ . I don’t want to have them immediately after I get out , but I do know that I want a couple . This time around I want a wife , and not a ” baby momma ” . I would like her to be educated , no children , have a career , an owner and not a renter , or has being an owner in her plans . I can be flexable with the looks & measurements , but if she looked like Miliah Michels , and has a body like hers too ! I’d be cool with that . Believe it or not my ” Mary Jane ” has all that except she has one child and I’m cool with that cause her child is grown , but my problem is that she doesn’t want another one . Some people say that my expectations are a little to high , but I know my worth . I settled for lesser than what I was worth before I came to prison because I didn’t know any better , and I even settled for lesser than what I was worth for a while after I got locked up . Now , no way . I’ve never introduced a female to my granny , and that’s part of the problem because they can’t seem to make it past the first line of defense and that’s my mother . Now , with that being said I’ll leave y’all with this : Me personally , I don’t believe my expectations are too high at all . There’s nothing wrong with wanting a woman that’s career driven , an owner & not a renter , a ten plus in the looks department and that includes the body , has no children but willing to have at least one , must love sports and if she’s a fan of any Chicago team that’s a plus , and the most important one of all is she has believe in God . Now , is that too much to ask for ?

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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