Jarvais Warren


Ya know that song? “Its been a while”?

Don’t know who sings it or any other words of the song, but thats what pops in my head every time i say its been a while, Lol.

I think is been about 3 months since I wrote, Ive been tryin to get a grip on myself mentally. I gotta qoute…..gotta find it hold on…… Ok, never wrote it down i guess. So it goes something like—-

-When I pass away, I want to die without any talent left. So I can tell God I used everything you gave me. (By some lady, i think a author or actress)

But before I can start to use it all, I must find it all.

So thats were I am mentally now, with meditation playing a key role in my voyage. I’ve been going through alot as of late and Im hoping venting will help. I also listen to Taylor Swift and Tove Lo to keep me “level” lol. My life is upside down right about now, so I either have to figure out who I am, or learn to walk on the ceiling.

Trying to block things out by diving into my second love, Wallstreet.

FYI- Taser makes much more than stun guns, and Facebook’s virtual reality glasses comes out next year. I personally think VR is the future of gaming, and I know generation Z can’t wait. If not gaming, movies and Education.

—- Camp cliff notes —–

Still at camp, with no job. Tried to get me to fight fires. Didn’t work out. Currently waiting to get employment, my counselor shot me down three times when i had jobs lined up (story for another day).

Still beading, helping make gifts for the pow wow event.

Found a guy that loves CNBC as much as me and he’s teaching me to look at companies complete history, EVERYTHING!

Finally getting my T.V.

Thats about it, well its not, but I’ll leave it as that for now.

Signed up for this Life and goal class. Everthing he was saying I already do, lol he even mentioned this joke I posted a while back about the potroast. Showed me Im on the right path.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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